Snowman Army

It’s been a snowy time around here recently. Cold too. Guess those two things go hand in hand! The kids love playing in the snow. Sledding, snowball fights, pretend ice skating on the frozen pool cover.

The snow this weekend was great for snowman building. Started with Zach wanting to make “Olaf” from the movie frozen. If you have not seen it yet, he is the snowman in the movie. Zach nailed it. Take a look:


Then we started to complete the rest of the Army… Seven more snowmen popped up… Samantha wanted to make sure they were appropriately dressed… Savannah enjoyed putting carrots in for noses!

Gonna be a little warmer this week… Does not bode well for them surviving until Christmas!


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Pooping Santa?

Yes…that is right. Was shopping with the kiddos at Christmas Tree Shop and guess what they found? A Pooping Santa candy dispenser… Who makes this stuff up? But of course, in all of the other Christmas stuff, my kids find a pooping santa!!! There were others too… Pooping reindeer, elves, etc.

Of course my kids wanted to get one for their BobPop… Of course they woke him up from a mid-afternoon nap to give it to him… And of course, he loved it! Absolutely loved it! Gotta love BobPop!


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Nutcracker Time!

It’s that time of year again!  The Nutcracker 2013!

My girls dance at a local dance studio and have been in the Nutcracker performance for 5 or 6 years now.  Funny story about the Nutcracker though…  When my wife and I were first married, I suggested that we go stay overnight at the Hotel DuPont (where we were married) and see the Nutcracker (we were married during Christmas time and I thought it would be a nice thing to do for our first anniversary).  Hello TIGHTS!  I had NO idea that it was a ballet!  I kept asking my wife, when are they going to talk or sing!  I thought it was a musical!  Quite funny!  I guess you had to be there to get the humor…

This weekend, one of our daughters was Clara.

samantha -- clara -- 12-2013


Our other daughter was a lead Rat.

savannah -- a rat -- 12-2013


My wife and I are so proud of our little darlings!  They both worked very hard and danced their little hearts out!  Way to Go!

Oh, and yes, that is me in the picture there…  And yes, my wife and I were in the Nutcracker for the third consecutive year.  We even do a little dance…Gosh, that video is quite funny!

After the Nutcracker, we had a little party at our house for 35 folks who came to see us perform…  We even found a Nutcracker beer from Boulevard Brewing in MO.  Even had it shipped in from a grocery store to a co-workers house in DE.  Boulevard doesn’t sell that beer in PA…  Quite good!

It was a great weekend celebrating the hard work of two young ladies.  Yes, that’s right…  I realized this weekend that they are really no longer girls…  They are becoming ladies…

Congrats Ladies!


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BobPop Love


BobPop and my wife have a special relationship. A very special one. Just look at the love in this picture from Thanksgiving morning!

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Zach and the Great Pumpkin


Zach is a huge fan of decorating the house on holidays, especially Halloween and Christmas. Gotta love his enthusiasm!

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KISS — Keep it Simple Stupid.

First post.  Why am I doing this you ask?  The goal is to have a written history.  Of my kids, my marriage — a written history of my life from this point onward.  It will probably have various topics covered and will probably wander into randomness at times.  But that is OK!  Hopefully it is enjoyable!

I’m not really a writer, so the tag line of this post is to remind me that life is meant to be simple.  Think simply.  Act simply.  Enjoy the Journey!

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